Why Am I Scared Of Graduating?

It was my first time in school and everyone seemed to be happy; they were all smiling, and chatty. Walking down the concrete pavement with friends, I couldn't just wait to be among them, or at least like one of them. I am a fanatic and lover of clean and well planned drainage system, and the faculty had just that, with lecture theatres having shiny walls, at least from the outside.
This is my story on my first visit to my to-be faculty just after the UTME. What else but external attractions could entice a wannabe student coming to his dream school for the first time?

The story however didn't take so long to change; if you know engineering very well then you will understand my point. I almost packed my bags and went home in my second year of study; I had never been subjected to such stress in my entire life, I was literally gasping for breath, from a tall pile of school work, and countless lengthy classes.

I felt betrayed by the happy students that I saw on my first visit,

DO NOT FALL FOR FAILURE-naijastudentsblog

As a nigerian student, it would not be an understatement to say you are surrounded with circumstances that do nothing but beckon on failure. You are always discouraged by what you see and hear: From the want in the family, to the poor academic start in your primary school days;from endless writing and rewriting of waec and her cohorts to writing and overwriting of jamb for years before finally getting admitted; from the financial constraints in our tertiary educational system laced and polished with bribery and corruption,laziness and indifference of lecturers to poor learning facilities in our schools and lots more.
All these things break our heart so much that your feet fail you as you think about all these things, your thoughts fail you as you ponder on all these things, can I ever make it in life? You might have asked yourself.

I  bring you good tidings, yes you can make it . These setbacks and aweful circumstances and challenges are the actual ingredients of your success story, …

He Lost An Opportunity To Work In NNPC; Who Says A Degree is Useless?-naijastudentsblog

In my previous post, I made some analysis on the importance of ideas over certificates,(click here to read post). It will be more informative for you to know that my assertion wasn't "degree is a waste of time"

 I never said a college degree was a waste of time when i said that ""degrees don't give wealth ideas do"  instead I was simply portraying  the importance of ideas with a college degree.

Now who said that a degree was useless? I tell You a story, Read This Story

A boy lost a life time opportunity of working in the Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation (NNPC) simply because he couldn't provide a single certificate. The boy's uncle works in the cooperation and as a means of helping the jobless boy secure meaningful employment, he asked him to bring 'any'  university certificate so he could give him a job,the boy had none, he went further (or should I say lower) to ask for an SSCE certificate, the boy had none, ok bring your prim…

PREPARING FOR PUTME 2015 Can now be Downloaded--naijastudents'blog

It just came right in time. I promised the book will be out by the end of April and here it is.
The long awaited book for our jambites has been successfully  compiled,written and launched on the web.
PREPARING FOR PUTME 2015;  the free post ume student guide can now be downloaded via the below link,
click to download.
 Ten tested and  working putme success principles are outlined in the book, and the only way you can get a hold on them is by  Downloading the book .

I  sincerely hope that you apply the principles outlined in the book and
I  also sincerely hope the book helps you  one way or the other as you prepare for your putme.

More resources will be coming your way on this blog. Thanks  for visiting my blog.

You can contact me via the details provided in the book or you can visit my contact page.
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I suppose by now  you must have read 'what all jamb student should know' , 'how will this year's admission process look like?'and also you must have read ' what and how to read for putme 2015).
 I enjoy all putme students to go through the above links I believe they contain very useful info and tips. You can also leave your questions and comments on the blog. Also to get the blog updates straight into your email box,you can sign up for my newsletter.

A number of jambites have already subscribed for my free รจ-book "PREPARING FOR PUTME 2015" (If you're just hearing about it  click here to get details on the book and how to subscribe for the book) and I believe it will be interesting to know that the book is absolutely free. I asserted that the book will be published by the end of this month, I am sincerely working towards making that happen.
Before then,I believe the below will be useful.
Four things post ume students must do
As you prepare …

5 preparation Tips for all post utme students-naijastudentsblog

As you prepare for your putme, their are five things you should/must do:
 1. Forget about how high or low your jamb score was/is. 
2. Stop estimating your chances of admission based on your jamb score. If you passed the cut-off you're eligible for admission its as simple as that.
 3 Do not rely on the post ume cut-off mark you hear, institutions this year will surely increase their cut off marks due to the high population of successful jamb candidates.So aim very high for this putme.
 4 Start gathering materials for your preparation.
5. Get yourself around good and serious friends of like minds (i.e those who are still preparing for the putme) alot of inspiration comes from studying with friends.
 and the last one is, download my Free Putme student guide. click here to download.
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you can leave a comment below.

Patrick Obahiagbon ---- waec seized my english result twice

Honourable Patrick Obahiagbonon an interview with Punch Newspaper..
Punch­-Did you write exams in school in these big words? Hourable- I used such words very-very freely in my exams both at the
secondary school and in my university and little wonder I had
the misfortune of my English results being seized intermittently in my O’ Levels.
WAEC released my results for the other subjects and withheld my English result. This happened for
about three years. Twice, I passed the University Matriculation Examination but I
could not proceed to the University because of my English results that... were not released. At
the end of the day, it was released after the third attempt.
Punch- Why do you always use ‘big grammar’?
Honourable- I am not really consensus ad idem with those who opine that
my idiolect is advertently obfuscative. No no no, it’s just that I am in my elements when
the colloquy has to do with the pax nigeriana of our dreams and one necessarily needs to fulminate against the alcibi…